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Winning race teams around the world use PWR cooling solutions. From Formula 1 to NASCAR to DTM to Indy Cars to V8 Supercars, the leading teams are using PWR. Red Bull Racing won the Formula 1 constructors and drivers championship 4 years in a row using PWR cooling. PWR also supply championship winning teams in  L.M.P 1/2 & 3 / W.R.C & W.R.X. Stewart Haas Racing and Penske Racing have won NASCAR Sprint Series using PWR Cooling.  Why? Because PWR offers the best in terms of solutions, interactive design approach, world leading technology, unrivalled manufacturing versatility and first class service. Leading race teams use PWR technology and manufacturing versatility to build the solution that works for them.

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Excellence in finding the right cooling solution for you. Excellence in the quality hand made coolers built by experienced staff. Excellence in our ability to turn around custom solutions in a short period. Excellence in our purpose built factory. Excellence in our understanding of technical data. Excellence in the world’s most powerful heat exchanger wind tunnel test facility. Excellence in experienced staff to engineer the right cooling solution for your requirements. Excellence in the results you get. As the author Booker T Washington said “Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”

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Passion is at the heart of PWR. Owners Kees and Paul Weel are well known for their passion to build the best cooling solutions in the world and then deliver them when required by our customer. This is reflected in the staff at PWR – from the senior engineering and design staff, to our technical sales staff, to factory staff who make the products, to our welders who always give just that extra bit of attention that makes sure the product looks as good as it works, and to our dispatch team who make sure that our products are well protected and dispatched on time. The passion extends to an avid following of all things automotive.

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The quality of PWR cooling solutions is well known. We have experienced people on the factory floor who know what to do and how to make sure that products leaving PWR are top quality. To attract the right people, PWR offer enviable working conditions in a state of the art factory with all the modern equipment required to produce world leading heat exchangers. PWR offers all its staff meals in our onsite canteen to ensure that everyone is 100% focussed on getting the quality right. This is backed up by an ISO9001:2008 quality certification to make sure that we live up to our craftsmanship reputation.

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Delivery means that you get what you want when you want it. We do have to manufacture it so it may not be the next day, but PWR has an enviable reputation for delivering when it says it will. We have strong relationships with our key freight partners to ensure that we get the best service and you get the fastest delivery. Did you know that we have been known to receive an urgent race team order out of Europe on a Wednesday, built by Friday, ship it Friday night and have it at the receiving door of the team in Europe by 10am on the following Monday?


Some companies sell products, PWR sells solutions. This can range from top end racing cooling like Formula 1 and NASCAR down to having a better radiator in your 4X4 for when the going gets tough. The combination of expert cooling knowledge of our engineers and sales team, an unrivaled range of aluminium coil, tubes, sheet and fin options, an experienced drawing team of cooling designs, a manufacturing environment where we can seamlessly swap between different job set-ups and configurations, and staff who are dedicated to getting the product right all combine to let PWR tailor solutions to your requirements and not just sell you something from the catalogue.

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PWR has world leading know-how and design capability backed up by one of the best testing facilities in the world. When you add all this up, you get innovative cooling solutions that work. It is not by chance that PWR works with leading race teams around the world. They want access to the innovation that PWR can deliver, whether it is in the thermal dynamics of a specific heat exchanger, or it is in the way that PWR can bespoke manufacture at its own factory using the unrivaled range of aluminium coil, sheet and tube.

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Whether it is a radiator, oil cooler, intercooler or some other type of automotive or mechanical cooling solution, PWR design team can create the product to suit your needs. PWR has engineering team backed by a drawing team using the latest SolidWorks® 3D CAD modelling to design a solution that works. Or if you are after just a few tweaks to already designed product, we can quickly draw your changes and get you to review them. If you have a existing radiator that you want replaced, you can provide a rough drawing of it for our design team to draw. Or if you want something that has never been drawn, we can guide you through to your solution.

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At the heart of PWR is our factory. The Seco Warwick atmospheric controlled braze furnace lets us manufacture the core of our heat exchangers to our specifications – we are not dependent on someone else making the core. Once a design is finished, tubes are cut to size, aluminium coil is run through one of our Voss fin machines to create the fin, sidebands and tanks are punched out on our Amada Turret Presses. Once the core is stacked and header plates put on, it goes through the furnace. Of course every core is tested after this for leaks before it is either shipped out as a core or tanks are welded on to build a complete assembly.

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Engineering the Unfair Advantage is what PWR stands for, so we have a team of engineers with significant heat exchanger and racing experience to design the right solution. PWR have a large range of heat exchange components regarding tube styles, fins, turbulators , etc, which enables us to offer many configurations of heat exchangers. The wind tunnel testing of core configurations gives PWR a distinct competitive advantage in product development. By varying air velocity and coolant flow rate we can provide our customer with real world results in terms of heat transfer, coolant pressure drop and airside pressure drop specific to their requirements. PWR takes all of these factors into consideration when working with their customers in the design process.

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Research & Development

PWR spends around 7% of its revenue each year on R&D to keep at the leading edge in cooling solutions. By engineering different tube styles with multiple fin styles and densities (potentially within the same core) PWR’s engineers are able to tune the performance characteristics of its heat exchangers. This allows us to maximise the aerodynamic characteristics to the customer’s requirements, reduce dry and wet weight, as well as providing the necessary thermal efficiency. By having a world leading Wind Tunnel test facility, PWR can prove the results in a controlled environment that replicates real world results.

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Wind Tunnel

The PWR Wind Tunnel test facility places PWR at the leading edge of cooling solutions design. Leading race teams from around the world use it to validate expected results. PWR uses it to test what we manufacture in the factory to take the guesswork out of the results being achieved. Best of all, as the Wind Tunnel test facility is inside our factory, we can easily build multiple cores to keep testing until we achieve the right solution.

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Global Presence

Whilst the PWR manufacturing factory is based in Australia, we supply around the world with about a third of sales in Australia, a third in UK and Europe, and a third in the Americas. We have experienced technical sales managers in UK and USA who can provide the on-the-ground support whilst backed by the engineering, manufacturing and testing facilities of PWR out of Australia. Plus we have experienced distributors in a number of countries around the world. Major race teams, OE Manufacturers and individuals from around the world use PWR to Engineer the Unfair Advantage.

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