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PWR has been moving into industrial applications as we get asked by customers to help with cooling issues. Our ability to customise our product for specific design requirements (often driven by availability of space) to suit different installations and applications.

Our ability to produce rapid prototype tooling allows PWR to quickly build a solution. As a customer, you have the choice of validating it on our wind tunnel facility or to field test it in real world conditions. Either way, when you are ready to go into production, PWR’s unmatched ability to deal with smaller production runs over time allows you to control the delivery schedule to your build requirements.

PWR has built cooling applications over a diverse range of applications – from wet brake cooling through to large truck radiators through to bus cooling modules. The flexibility of the PWR technology, the range of raw material carried that allows us to come up with the cooling solution that works, through to our great record of delivery on time and in full means that customers who work with PWR return again and again.

“When I heard that PWR was manufacturing and supplying radiators, etc to Formula One, I wanted all my buses to have PWR coolers not only for their quality but also to give Bustech the opportunity to use the PWR name for our marketing. It’s great to be involved with PWR.

Joe Calabro – Bustech owner”