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PWR did not go looking for military work, military work found PWR. Our ability to solve cooling issues, then to manufacture them in a short timeframe, then to validate the expected outcome against real outcomes derived from our wind tunnel test facility, and then to deliver to wherever required in the world. Our range of aluminium coil, tube stock and sheet allow us to build a very wide range of cooling solutions. The cross of technology between motorsports and military application is very strong and PWR can apply what it has learnt cooling the top race series teams into a field context.

We have supplied military contracts where a problem was identified with the initial cooling package from other suppliers. PWR has the ability to test what is happening and to use its world leading technology to engineer a solution that works. Once the design work is done, PWR can quickly build and ship prototypes for third party validation and field testing. Once validated, PWR can run low volume production orders that are typically required in military programs.

PWR has also been involved in cooling for aircraft applications as well as manufacturing cold plate for cooling computer componentry.

PWR carries ISO9001:2008 Quality Management certification as evidence of its ability to build to the required level of quality.

Please note that any military vehicles or equipment shown on this website are indicative only and not meant to imply that PWR is supplying a shown vehicle or item of equipment.