Drayson Racing, which specialises in elec-tric vehicle technology has developed and built a PWR Performance Products cooled electric powered race car that has broken the electric land speed record that has stood for nearly four decades. Drayson Racing’s car reached a top speed of 204.2mph on the 1.86-mile runway at RAF Elvington, Yorkshire.

Driven by car owner and former UK science minister Lord Drayson, it beat the previous record by around 40mph. “This is the future,” he said after climbing out of the cockpit. “We figure that in a number of decades all cars will be electric and in order to do that there have to be challenges,”. The car, known as the Drayson B12 69/EV, is based on the Lola LMP1 which competes at Le Mans in the famous 24-hour race. The car has a carbon chassis and weighs just 1,095kg without the driver.
Its V10 Judd engines have been removed from the car and replaced with two huge A123 battery units connected to electric motors to give it over 850 horsepower. The battery coolers and the engine coolers were designed and manufactured by PWR Performance Products.