Jamie Veal driving the PWR Performance Products cooled sprintcar dominated the preliminary Classic race at Sungold Stadium in Warrnambool Victoria last night in the penultimate evening of the 42nd Lucas Oil Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic. On a racy surface Veal’s car was lightning fast as he led all but three laps of the 30 lap final running the top groove to hold American Jason Meyers off for second and a ever steady PWR cooled Max Dumesny for third in front of a huge crowd of 7,100 people. Veal made his intentions clear very early as he raced from grid position four to make a low pass on firstly Dumesny and then leader Egel to lead the race on the fourth lap. Meyers closely followed suit and jumped into second on lap 11 and was in chase of tear away leader Veal.

His chance to nail Veal came when Egel had motor expire on lap 19 and came to a halt on back straight. The next came two laps later when Grant Anderson got high into turn two and rolled. A rare open red light was then allowed and after five hectic minutes crews had made the necessary repairs to help their drivers and cars get home.
At the restart Veal took off with Meyers in pursuit and Dumesny in third and Pittman fourth. With two laps done Matt Muir suffered a collapsed front end and caused a late race stoppage but Veal had the race sewn up. “It’s just a dream come true. I’ve been watching this race for years and to win was just about keeping focused. I was happy to keep up high and it as just easier to go around the top,” Veal said.