Sebastian Vettel has won the Formula1 drivers championship driving the RedBull Racing RB8 which uses the full PWR Performance Products cooling package.
The final and deciding race of the series was held in Brazil in wet conditions which made for a dramatic race. Vettel qualified in 4th place while his main threat to another championship, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso started the race in position seven.

A chaotic start had Vettlel being hit from behind and spun around on the first lap which placed him last on the track. Luckily the damage was minor and Vettel was able to fight his way through the field to finish in a very respectable 6th place.

The race was won by Jenson Button with Alonso finishing in second place.

For the third consecutive year, Sebastian Vettel has been crowned Formula1 world drivers champion. RedBull Racing has also been crowned Construc-tors champion for the third consecutive year with PWR Performance Products full cooling package being used to cool the RedBull Racing’s RB6 in 2010, RB7 in 2011 and the RB8 in 2012.