Inline Engine Oil Coolers

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The PWR Performance Products Inline Oil Coolers consist of a complex internal core to provide high heat transfer design in a low pressure drop configuration. The internal core is made up of complex aluminium extruded tubes to carry the water through the shell, whilst a multiple pass baffle configuration within the shell guides the oil flow through a fine but robust internal fin between each extruded tube.

This innovative design optimizes the internals of the heat exchange core to provide maximum liquid to surface contact on both water and oil side yet remains very nonrestrictive to either fluid flow. The result is a high heat transfer Oil Cooler with low pressure drop and minimum risk of fouling. The Inline Oil Cooler is designed to have all the engine coolant flow directed through the core for the most ideal system to provide maximum oil cooling. A partial flow could be obtained by teeing off the system and running in parallel with the water radiator.

PWR Inline Oil Coolers are a very robust all aluminium construction offering an exceptionally easy installation which can be mounted remotely in areas of low risk of damage when compared to front mounted coolers. PWR Inline Coolers are an ideal solution in applications where front end space is limited and the unit does not consume additional airflow from the normal under bonnet cooling system. PWR Inline Oil Coolers are available in 4 standard 75mm (3”) x 75mm (3”) core configurations, as well as 3 sizes of slim line high performance Racer Series 51mm (2”) x 76mm (3”) cores with our modular bolt on fitting design to cater for all plumbing configurations in the neatest and most efficient manner.

Please check with PWR sales staff as to whether the product shown is suitable for your needs.
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PWR In-line - Water to Oil Cooler

In-line – Water to Oil Cooler

PWR In-line - Screw In Fittings

In-line – Screw In Fittings